Career and Benefits


Health & Wellness

Core-CSI offers comprehensive health and wellness benefits including medical, dental, orthodontia and vision coverage. Our employees can choose a health plan (based on location) that is suitable to their individual needs. Core-CSI generously contributes towards premiums enabling low-cost coverage for our employees and their dependents.

  • Medical Insurance and Prescription

Core-CSI offers Anthem Blue Cross PPO plans to empower our employees to access 97% of the providers throughout District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland. The company offers a generous contribution towards our employee’s medical premiums.

  • Dental and Orthodontia

Core-CSI offers comprehensive dental insurance plans through Delta Dental.

  • Vision

Core-CSI offers comprehensive vision insurance plans through Vision Care for Life.

Work-Life Balance

Staying fresh and taking time for activities your love to enjoy outside of the workplace is crucial to your well-being. All our full-time equivalent employees have an opportunity to partner with their manager to schedule time away from work. Employees have the flexibility and freedom to determine their own vacation time to balance personal life and professional responsibility. Core-CSI offers multiple work-life balance benefits including:

  • Paid Time Off

Core-CSI offers generous paid time-off to all eligible employees. The paid time off accrual policy is sector specific and it is based on the years of experience and the length of the employment with the company.

  • Recognized Holidays

Core-CSI observes six federal holidays per the calendar year.

  • Personal Days

Eligible employees at Core-CSI get two personal days off, this is a sector-specific benefit.

  • Flex-Time

Core-CSI offers flex time to all our employee. Employees can make up time or work from home when permitted without impacting our customer mission.

Future Planning

Core-CSI offers generous company match towards our employee’s retirement goals. Core-CSI contributions towards our employee’s retirement goals are specific to the sector they support.

  • 401(k)

Our employees can join low cost 401(k) plan on the date of hire. Employees can elect to contribute 1-50% of their eligible pay to the wide range of funds.  The company begins its potions of the contributions after 90 days of full-time employment.

  • Health Savings Account

Our employees can save on qualified health care and dependent care expenses through our Flexible Spending Accounts. Simply use these accounts to set aside a part of your pretax income to cover those expenses employees can make the monthly contribution.  The maximum contribution towards an HSA is roughly $3,500 per year for a single employee.

Education and Training

Core-CSI encourages education and training for all eligible employees, we provide many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

At Core-CSI we understand that attaining formal education which leads to bachelor’s or master’s degree is very valuable towards personal development.  Core-CSI offers to pay 100% of tuition reimbursement for an “A” grade and 75% of tuition for the “B” grade. The yearly maximum contributions are based on the sector you support.

  • Online Training

At Core-CSI you have an opportunity to participate in more than 750 online training courses. Employees can tailor their professional development to meet their individual needs. Our employees have an option to select training in various disciplines including leadership, business, and information technology.

  • Certifications and Trainings

Core-CSI full-time equivalent employees are eligible to receive technical training. Training must be: approved by your immediate manager, relevant to your role and responsibilities and must lead towards an industry certification.  The yearly maximum contributions are based on the sector you support.

Additional Program and Benefits

  • Employee Referral Program
  • Spot Bonus
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Discount Programs
  • Trade shows and Industry Trade Association Membership